Outdoor Headlamp

  • Headlamp OH-03
  • Headlamp OH-03
  • Headlamp OH-03
  • Headlamp OH-03
Headlamp OH-03Headlamp OH-03Headlamp OH-03Headlamp OH-03

Headlamp OH-03

  • Led: T6 and 4*XPE
  • Battery:18650 battery (Not including)
  • Lumen: 2000 lumens max
  • Weight: 0.25 kg
  • Description: Zoomable

4 LIGHT SWITCH MODES:High light,low light and strobe light and SOS. Zoomable headlamp brightness can be up to max 2000lm, lifespan reach up to 100,000 hours,18650 3.7V rechargeable li-ion batteries included.

ADJUSTABLE&ZOOMABLE:Lamp swivels can be 90 degrees adjusted, adjustable strap is provided to make your head get the best comfortable condition. Zoomable headlight function can make you see a larger range brightness.

WATERPROOF:Water resistant design is perfect for outdoors activities, such as camping fishing running cycling etc.

HANDS-FREE AND LIGHTWEIGHT:Whenever you wear the headlight,your hands are free ,very convenient.It is good for camping riding fishing hunting reading.

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