Outdoor Headlamp

  • Headlamp OH-05
  • Headlamp OH-05
  • Headlamp OH-05
  • Headlamp OH-05
  • Headlamp OH-05
Headlamp OH-05Headlamp OH-05Headlamp OH-05Headlamp OH-05Headlamp OH-05

Headlamp OH-05

  • Head Size:39*82 mm
  • Battery: USB
  • Led: XPE-COB-LED
  • Lumen:1300lm
  • Description:

Used with bright LED bead, the headlamp has a brightness and wide range of light. It offers up to 350lm and can reach 200 meters. You can see the surrounding environment very clearly.

The headlamps are equipped with built-in batteries. You can use USB cable to charge this headlight and it can also be used for a long time.

Waterproof led headlight can also be used when it rains. It is very suitable for outdoor activities, such as hiking, hunting, camping and fishing.

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